Book Trailer-iscious

01 Aug

1. Book trailers Instructions More links about book trailers Features to look for in a book trailer
2. Top 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning
3. Jamstudio and
4. Create Animations DoInk for moderately adventurous technology users
5. Simple Sign Up Sheets easy way to create a sign-up sheet for keeping track of who’s coming to an event, don’t need to register, people signing up don’t need to register, just create a sign-up page, email the url, and people sign up.
6. Best sites for following the election online
7. Great copyright resources for teachers – will redirect many thanks to Kay Cantwell from BCEC
8. Metaweb adds semantic search value “Google dives deeper into Semantic Search”
9. Google search tools
10. Library unCOILed experience
11. Moodle- Should I use Choice, Questionnaire, Feedback or Survey? Choice appears to be for one question, similar to a poll eg. did you like this course? Choice can be used for things like allocating people to buses- eg first 34 responses will get on the bus. Can have multiple choice. Feedback is said to be easier than questionnaire- feedback has custom questions- but less powerful, Survey has preset constructivist questions. Choice and Questionnaire have graphical analysis. and and
Link for using Choice for bookings or signing up Other ideas for using Choice
12. Tagul Word images
13. Amazon, Show Me the Kindle Demographics!
14. Has facebook killed privacy? Did we pronounce privacy dead this week?
15. Why focus on informal and social learning
16. “Not “What” You Know” what you produce and more along this line here Create a class blog – edublogs
17. Sweet search today and and This link has very cool example of goanimate to promote news, and funny Kia commercial, very cool Choice clip with Christopher Walken.
18. Internet safety, dangers of social networking game for teenagers- smokescreen also The Curfew – free educational online game – narrative-led investigative puzzle game is designed to teach political awareness, documenting as it does a near-future society dominated by an oppressive government, and asking the player to make decisions that reflect their own political opinions and meaningfully affect other characters in the world
19. How google works How Google Works – Library Cloud
20. Reading Program recommendations from LMNet– from variety of respondents: The most important thing will be the need to collect and maintain data-it may be annecdotal, but you must report back to your principal every month with something! If I was designing a reading program. First I get a copy of Stephen Krahsen’s book the Power of Reading read it cover to cover. Students need to have the power to choose their own reading stuff-so beef up your Library Media Center into a “Barnes and Noble” bookstore. Book displays every where. Posters, cut outs anything and everything to entice young readers to pick up a book. I would count time: not pages or chapters This allows ALL readers to successful. All awards need to have some verification eg. parent signature. Silent Reading time: advocate for this time every day in every classroom. Book clubs-Are the best way to inject FUN into book reading. Lots of treats and eventually, having an all boys group lead by a GUY! Next I start and Express Book Talk students tell everyone about a book in 90 seconds or less if you want a template script send me an email. Right now: Take photos as students present their book talks and make a movie of the still shots: Change it every week! Tomorrow: Take these after a time and record them and turn them into movies!

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