No laptops for Year 9?

31 Jul

1. Election issue – Joe Hockey sees spending money on laptops for students as wasteful, and wants to spend the funds on mental health instead
2. My Best Posts On Books: Why They’re Important & How To Help Students Select, Read, Write & Discuss Them
3. Library promotion RE LOTE
4. Best listening sites for English language learners
5. Larry’s best of series
6. Secondary students’ online use and creation of knowledge by Kay Kimber, Claire Wyatt-Smith 26th July 2010 how to recognise, talk about and value signs of quality learning in student-created multimodal products, assessment framework with potential for assisting students and teachers to access core concepts and mobilise essential capacities for enhancing performance when using and creating knowledge online.
7. Titles that are similar – read alikes And
8. Social tools for Learning, Joyce Valenza & David Warlick
9. Create and collaborate on multimedia maths and physics lessons
10. 3 Simple Ways to Be Cleverly Quiet in Social Media
11. Rethinking pedagogy in 10 mins reflective coaching model, transforming learning, Australian example, Wooranna Park, Victoria,
Library /learning design and
12. Amazon: E-books Will Overtake Paperbacks by the End of 2011
13. Moodle: Instructor Tutorials
14. Quite rude, quite funny Learn Your … Homophones
15. Ustream yr 2 – Chris Betcher
16. Why Transliteracy? An Introduction for Librarians
17. LOTE world’s largest online language learning community
18. 1 soldier or 20 schools
19. (useability) “put your word count on a diet”
20. comparison table for blogs, wikis, docs
21. Is the ipad making kindle successful? and
22. Being proactive ebooks and libraries
23. MYP PP – research-

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