29 Jul

1. Body image – very clever
2. Future children’s publishing
3. Brain training “This kind of teaching is about learning.”
4. Learn It in 5
5. Digital comics portends big changes for readers
6. “Six Ways to Respond Rather than React”
7. Statistics”
8. Top 5 tools to organize online research
9. Copyright Clarity HowFair Use Supports Digital Learning By Renee Hobbs, Donna Alvermann, large chunk available for preview on Google docs and insights and slideshare @ Dianne McKenzie
10. Why Edward quite funny anti-Twilight comments in places
11. Australian election 2010 – Google student voice invites 15-17 year old school students across Australia to have their say in a simulated federal election between 9 – 12 August
12. Using fotobabble to promote reading
13. 5 Steps to Digitizing the Writing Workshop
14. Students trust high Google search rankings 2 much
15. Translate Your Google Docs To 53 Languages Now
16. Amazing choir – music
17. Explanation Poster
18. Story bridge competition

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