27 Jul

What is true? View Is Bleaker Than Official Portrayal of War in Afghanistan

1. Infowhelm
2. Are Libraries allowed to lend kindles
3. Disasters research
4. Smartboard numeracy games check out Copacabana, Coxhoe, Woodlands, Topmarks,etc
5. 70 ways to keep students engaged
6. LOTE Learn 40 languages online for free
7. Exchanging photos made easy
8. Lexipedia
9. Visual Bloom
10. Foursquare cyber stalking
12. ACER Learning with technologies report
13. Open source for education collection of Free and Open Source Software for windows for schools – download
14. Organising curriculum around big questions
15. Cheap android tablets and
16. The power of positive influences positive influences –
17. Screenshot tool- Chrome extension for taking and annotating screenshots. Better than Aviary
18. Notes from PD on portable learning and iPads in education
19. Importance of art
20. the climate issue will not be solved until it becomes an education issue –
21. Enid Blyton’s Famous Five Get 21st-century Makeover
22. Ebooks and Publishers, The Shatzkin Files:
23. Using mobile devices in education: Learning in Hand
24. Jane Austen’s Fight Club:
25. Great Link for tools on rules & setting up your classroom
26. 70 Ways to Keep Students Engaged
27. Project Gutenberg turns its attention to cell phone reading ebooks

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