Does language shape the way we think?

26 Jul

1. Does language shape our culture?
2. Ten Uses for in Education
3. 12 Healthy Habits to Grow Your Online Presence & Keep Balance in Your Life
4. Technology Tools To Get Teachers Started
5. Complete Guide to Google Special Search – How to Use Google A Lot More Creatively
6. The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010 list is emerging
7. Don’t turn a digital blind eye
8. Exploring QRCodes
9. No charges for using Skype over 3G
10. How Google Plans To Crush The EBook Market
11. India’s $35 tablet
12. Using flip cameras – using the flip software makes very big files. Using Windows Movie Maker to save as wmv files is better with flip video if you want to post online – it reduces AVI file size to load more quickly. Example – warning: dissecting an earthworm
13. Bump your next PD
14. Nine Survey Tools for Teachers and Students
15. Poloroid tiles photo tool
16. Brainstorming / Planning using
17. Social Media edge for Libraries
18. Google Acknowledges Need To Enhance Search
19. Twitter – for a PLN
20. How Gabrielle Wang makes her book trailers

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