The rise and rise of facebook

25 Jul

1. Trailer for “The Social Network “movie about the development of facebook –Quote “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”
2. Pro facebook in school
3. School suspends 20 over facebook
4. Raunchy teachers on facebook Banning facebook between staff and students
5. Prinicipal wants to ban students using facebook
6. School Libraries on Facebook
Library facebook pages
Facebook from a Patron’s Perspective
7. Facebook for reading promotion
8. Facebook safety also and
“The single greatest risk our children face in connection with the Internet is being denied access. We have solutions for every other risk.”
9. Using facebook in education
10. Facebook reaches 8% of the population?
11. Share your reading online
12. Flip, Win book trailer contest from last year: the FB page
13. 8 Real Ways Facebook Enriched Ms. Schoening?s First Grade Class –
14. Facebook and privacy
15. Facebook and schools
Cyberbullying facebook etc
Facebook privacy settings
16. Every Teacher’s Guide To Facebook
17. Facebook just one Internet threat to privacy and Pew on Reputation Management & Social Media
18. What if the Facebook (Un)Privacy Revolution Is a Good Thing?
19. FB with kids to coordinate oil spill action and
7. Facebook privacy debacle
20. Facebook is a major influence on girls – really?
21. Cyberbullying concern- formspring Formspring?
22. Open tool for scanning your Facebook privacy settings
23. “Teach. Facebook. Now.”
24. Check Facebook settings Evolution of privacy on Facebook
25. China to Stop Spying on its People; Will Use Facebook Instead
26. Facebook for youth – security 3 rules
27. Stella the Stapler!/group.php?gid=115573798482511&ref=search&sid=100000733207519.2092765332..1
28. Facebook: Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Alumni Facebook site!/group.php?gid=2349153987&v=info
29. Audit your facebook settings
30. Protecting reputations online Facebook restore your privacy Check your facebook settings

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