Is there a free garageband option for PCs?

25 Jul

Good copyright resource
For students entering competitions- short video

Royalty free media
Creative commons for schools
Where can I download music to publish online?
Reusing and Remixing sites – teacher-librarian

Royalty Free music
Free loops. Sign up needed but no catches
List of audio software
Music links
Royalty free music
Free music and sound for video

Free music creator like garageband for macs

Not free forever – Songsmith – Microsoft attempting to take on Apple’s excellent Garageband, and is a great way for students to create copyright free music quickly and easily. This download is a trial and enables users a total of six hours use, plenty of time to create lots of songs and identify if it is worth purchasing

Myna Multitrack from Aviary – tried it – not as easy as Jamstudio, but still good. More layering tracks than individual components.

Acid Xpress. Free – layering program…

Remix-friendly audio, offer sample packs, a capellas, and stems under collaboration-friendly Creative Commons licenses royalty free – mix it up there or take your selections to Windows Movie Maker

Jamstudio and and cost

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