Croquet Library Promotion

25 Jul

1. Funny video=great advocacy
2. Photo story panning – (Some content that may be upsetting) good example of matching music and images to words and narrative for digital storytelling and Adding a newspaper image
3. Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love
4. Science/Technology research guides from LOC
5. Tan Le demonstrates neuro-headset
6. Moving Beyond Adequate
7. Studies on Harmful Effects of Home Computer on School Performance Miss Key Point-Context Matters
8. Generation C
9. Using Blogs to Teach Strategies for Inquiry into the Construction of Lived and Text Worlds for To Kill a Mockingbird
10. There’s Only One Way to Stop a Bully”
11. Comic books may help boys and LD students who struggle with reading
12. Great LOTE Resource
13. Map showing world tree height relevant for carbon emissions
14. Brainstorming may have “issues” Creativity and innovation
15. Numbers vs meaning – Library statistics
16. Life writing – Weller and Bradbury
17. Good infographic on changing communication and media
18. Gpanion: a one stop shop for all your Google Apps
19. Choice matters more than your talents Inspirational – 18 minutes Jeff Bezos
20. Using primary sources – zooming in – information literacy The Crucible Purpose of writing a letter

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One response to “Croquet Library Promotion

  1. Sue Campbell-Wharton

    August 29, 2010 at 9:59 am

    Hi, Am REALLY impressed with your website and noticed that you use Diigo…tried to understand how it works as I am a teacher-librarian (23 years) returned to the classroom and would love not to have to make word documents to keep track of my websites, also these are saved on our curriculum server and this is how my class, and lots of others access sites that I feel are good. Thanks for being there. Sue


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