23 Jul

1. Twilight – love it or hate it – Kristen Stewart wears some amazing clothes
2. WeSTILLread wiki with Book Trailer and other Library resources
3. Join the ASLA online ning
4. UK – Growing gap in library services
5. Technology key tool in improving writing
6. How arts education boost 21st century skills
7. Connecting with elearners through podcasting
8. Do we need another hero (Principal)?
9. 85 reasons to be thankful for librarians
10. Why The Next Big Pop-Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might Be Libraries
11. How to Search for a Job Online
12. Quiz Generators for Techie Teachers
13. Infowhelm and Information Fluency
14. Libguide: Gulf Oil Spill Information Center
15. funny way to teach punctuation with Victor Borge & Dean Martin –
16. examples of classroom tech integration.
17. Where I hope to see the library program grow and go in 2010-11 Buffy Hamilton
18. Google Docs Turns Scanned Letters Into Editable Text with OCR
19. Shapeshifting at the periphery
20. eBook vs. Hardcover
21. Zoomify Express download, to zoom and pan web images
22. How The New Google Images Redesign Can Help Students
23. Library stocktake and why we did it
24. Schoology – Your Digital Classroom – LMS

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