Book trailers-music & images for the public domain

22 Jul

Toowoomba Regional Library Book Trailer Competition, Criteria & Resources. Scroll down for links to copyright free music and images
Photostory contains 2 songs that can be mashed by students which provide an easy audio option.
Jamendo is an excellent site and permits use of music, so long as credit is given.
A google search for “royalty free” sites on the internet can be very disappointing and often produces many sites that charge for use of images. Smartcopying shows how to easily find images and other resources that students can use in the public domain . To give a short example, simply go to google images and click advanced search Go to usage rights and choose the bottom option, “labelled for commercial use with modification’ as shown, then search as normal. Google advises that users should check the source of the image via the weblink they provide. Most require credit to be given to the image or music creator. The Creative Commons site is also useful and helps with searching the main web sources for photos, images and music.

Good set of links

Image editing A host of software is available for editing images, some requiring more skill than others. Photo editor is extremely easy to use and free.

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