History is essentially biography

18 Jul

Still catching up on holiday tweets

1. Countdown by Deborah Wiles “[Would young readers ever be able to] connect to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962[?] And then, two planes flew into two twin towers and one flew into the Pentagon. And as the world reacted, as I reacted, it dawned on me that we are living this history together; this grief, this joy, this fear, this confusion, this beauty, this life. We beat with one heart. And that’s when I knew I could hold that heart in my hand, and tell this story.”
2. Reflecting on volunteerism and social justice activities- motivation affects outcome
3. Hoppala, augmented reality for everyone!
4. Research that teacher pd needs to be team based and collaborative to be effective
5. Audio notes transcribed and sent into Evernote, using Google Voice
6. Books and Literacy in the Digital Agen – ebooks
7. Playing Shakespeare , Romeo + Juliet – Character and Motivation
8. Why we still need libraries in the digital age
9. Libraries, An Industry In Search of Failure
10. Is Your Library Making Milkshake Mistakes?
11. Cloud Computing articles
12. Those who know how v those who don’t
13. Libraries – Make It Work
14. Working Wikily The new “networked mindset
15. Remixing Education for the 21st Century
16. What Libraries can learn from Barnes/Noble marketing
17. How To Bookmark Twitter Links
18. 8 Useful Chrome Extensions for Collaboration
19. QR codes in history
20. Rethinking the Delivery of Content Similar to the ideas discussed here. Scroll down to the article on video conferencing
This idea of changing delivery balance was raised at the National Education and Computer Conference, Washington DC, July, 2009. Jonathan Bergman explored how teachers can better utilize class time to work with students individually and in groups, rather than standing at the front of a class. Jonathan spoke about the idea that content delivery could be delivered at home such as by teachers providing vodcasts. Jonathan found this change improved student achievement.

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