New spice in the Library

17 Jul

Catching up on tweets from the holidays
1. Study like a scholar – go to the Library Old Spice Social Media Campaign by the Numbers video going viral
2. To Succeed, Publishers Must Experiment & Fail “DRM-free” and other ebook insights – The rapidly shifting ebook retailer landscape
3. What to do with passwords once you create them
4. Adelaide school libraries inquiry
5. Ann Robinson has some great new resources on her Library site including Mindomo
6. Getting kids excited about books Fantastic & easy
7. What are QR codes
8. Not sure if it is legal for Libraries to lend Kindles, but here is how to buy one with a Purchase Order
9. Web 3.0 – the way forward
10. Future of books / ebooks
11. Library planning / future, goal setting with mindomo from Buffy Hamilton
12. Designing digital experiences for Libraries updating facebook privacy settings Library facebook pages Facebook from a Patron’s Perspective
13. Two recent studies on the effect of home computer access on students’ academic achievement – children, digital media, and learning
14. Learning with mobile phones
15. Ereading – 21st century reading
16. Participation as Literacy
17. I’d ask [U] 2 imagine world whr kids actlly wnt 2 lrn
18. Motivating DIY Learners
19. Scribd Readcast
20. Role of libraries- reference/reading

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