Does the teacher-librarian profession have a death wish?

17 Jul

1. The importance of Library advocacy from Hartzell – Professional Death Wishes
2. “Oh the places we (hope) to go” with Buffy Hamilton 10 Tips For When Someone Follows You on Twitter
3. Golden rules of teaching. Gibbs in NCIS has RULES, in fact nearly 50 of them So what are the rules of teaching? Here is my Rule 1 – Maximise time doing quality teaching. You may respond with Durrrr, but how much school time is spent with disruptions, kids in lessons with nothing to do if their teacher is absent etc. Is your school structured to maximize effectiveness of teaching time? Does your school have a target number of teaching days for each yea? What happens if a teacher is away? How much DVD babysitting occurs? So quality time = quality results – Rule 1.
4. Getting kids excited about books
5. “I wish my mouth had a backspace key”
6. 10 Tips For When Someone Follows You on Twitter not what I do, but food for thought…
7. Future of teacher librarianship – Turn right at the obelisk –
8. 101 Books That Hook Kids On Reading
9. Great use of google docs- collaboration on summer holiday activities
10. Use Google Chrome like a pro Stay focused- control time wasting sites – but Big Brother I like taking a break now and then- so I won’t be using these sites – sheesh!
11. Framework for 21st century learning and how arts learning contributes also
12. Debunking the Case for National Standards by Alfie Kohn
13. Buffy Hamilton’s Battledecks presentation at ALA Annual 2010 in Washington, D.C.
14. Summer Reads for Teens From LJ’s Booksmack
15. Two Working Examples of a Database and Library Using QR Codes – music and video
16. Hope, Hype and VoIP: Riding the Library Technology Cycle – how to evaluate new technologies First chapter is free here
17. Library design – debate over signage
18. E-textbooks, Social Learning, and Android
19. A hierarchy of failure if we never fail, we must not be trying new things or taking risks- isn’t this failure in itself?
20. Even Overdue Fine Notices [Can Show] Personality: Branded Messages & The Little Cloud Concept

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