Integrating Web 2.0 and ICT into LOTE

13 Jul

Web 2.0 and LOTE

• Free online LOTE tools
• Example sentences translated into lots and lots of languages
• Google virtual keyboards for LOTE eg Japanese characters
• Best Web 2.0 tools
• LOTE resources
• Lesson ideas

General LOTE sites

• Links
• Activities
• Free language learning site

Animation and Comics that can be used for LOTE

1. Fuzzwich animations
2. Turning text into movies How are books arranged in a Library or be more Xtra special with State
3. Various animation tools and


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One response to “Integrating Web 2.0 and ICT into LOTE

  1. akifuku

    April 8, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Great resources! Thank you for posting such a comprehensive list. I’m studying MIT at QUT now, and doing a subject about web2.0. I am interested in using web2.0 in LOTE when I go into teaching in near future (hopefully).


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