Would you survive the FAYZ?

1. Take the Quiz. If you haven’t read Gone, or Hunger by Michael Grant-these are great books, also amazing website http://harperteen.com/feature/gone/ What will book 3 be called? – check the website.
2. More troubles in Libraryland-who owns the copyright on what teachers create? Where is the school/personal copyright demarcation? http://theoriginalwarriorlibrarian.blogspot.com/
3. Promoting teen reading with web 2.0 tools http://bit.ly/anOMwI
4. The Hub: business model of the future for books and libraries? http://is.gd/d3vgE
5. Step by step creating a prezi http://prezi.com/nmgtorwrvjhc/creating-a-prezi/
6. 21st century learning and teaching awards http://henricostaffdev.org/21/
7. Make your presentations sticky http://artjunction.org/sticky.pdf
8. Teachers as agents “I’m going to be as forthcoming as I can be Mr Anderson (Matrix).” http://coopcatalyst.wordpress.com/2010/06/23/mr-anderson/
9. Copyright friendly image wiki http://www.sdst.org/shs/library/cfimages.html
10. Senior student projects http://bit.ly/bbJwwg
11. Rethink and Redesign for Learning http://ow.ly/17TdB0
12. Inspiration and aspiration – Library as Third Place http://is.gd/d2YC1
13. May a library lend e-book readers? Maybe not! http://bit.ly/bByFjX
14. The Best Books for Kids and Teens http://bit.ly/d7s5Pq
15. 213 ways to show what you know- Learning Event Generator now as PPT- edit master slide to include own content www.bit.ly/213ways
16. Top documentary films http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/watch-online/
17. 15 Craziest Moments of the School Year http://bit.ly/ceJl4P and http://vimeo.com/6364047
18. “Yeah, you’ve got problems. So solve them.” (Cool video- even though some problems are very tricky to “solve”) http://bit.ly/b04fCw

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