It’s only words, and words are all I have…

22 Jun

1. Word tools -Visualise text – wordsift Word clouds Vocabgrabber
2. Effective presentations
3. TEDtalk:Margaret Stewart, How YouTube thinks about copyright
4. Using wii in classroom
5. Joyce Valenza Annual Report
6. Wesley College investigates eReaders
7. Story competition
8. To put the sheer size of the BP oil spill into perspective, measure it against the land mass surrounding your home town, enter your town in the location box top of page, and ‘move’ the oil spill
9. Teaching critical thinking Download critical thinking ebook
10. Just in time IT
11. History- email Hitler and have questions answered
12. Solve your problems step by step
13. Turn your handwriting into a font
14. Fuzzwich animation
15. Noteflight create, store, listen to, print, search and share notated music scores
16. Social network infographics
17. Competition for the ipad/iphone? the Dell streak
18. Make random lists
19. Cool online tools
20. Irony
21. Interactive lecturing – hootcourse

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