Teacher-Librarians- the 21st century difference

19 Jun

1. Role of teacher-librarians and impact of ereading
2. Metadata Everywhere
3. Ereading blog, no shelf required
4. Google Docs adds new features to make sharing easier
5. Future of eReading Following your eyes
6. Never Read Another Resume
7. Harper Collins latest books SChmoop’s best books
8. Beginners guide to Edchat
9. Viable Library Ebook Licensing Model
10. Swype
11. Wiki on collaborating
12. Library Reports
13. videos on managing info overload: Infotention 1, 2, 3
14. Pivot Points for Change for Librarians and Libraries
15. Html5
16. Make your pdf documents flippable and quickly loading
17. Mind Map: Three Digital Trends for the New Decade
18. TTS Reach-The Thinking Stick -help teachers build a PLN. Free download for a limited time
19. Social Networks/Blogs Now Account for One in Every Four and a Half Minutes Online
20. Research Says Bigger Fonts Help Kids Read
21. If your position is eliminated, who will suffer?
22. More competition sites for students

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