Will we be shushed- Save our libraries and library staff!

14 Jun

1. Who ya gonna call? When all else fails- Call ghostbusters!
2. Enable- moodle/edumate integration
3. Sandbox with library and leaning tools from Margaret Simkin
4. 2010 Book Challenge from Mandie Gardiner
5. Free music creation and image editing tool “Even the most unmusical among us (me!) can create some great little bits of music. Save your creations and use the Myna Audio editor to create a complete song, the track editing, mixing and special effects are amazing in Myna.”
6. ‘keeping up with every(E)thing. Oh, and my view is that the book is not dead – it’s just adapting!
7. More priorities for the Inquiry (Thanks Jenni.) So now there are 9 “Library Needs -not Wants.”
Slogan? “A teacher-librarian for every school”

1. Guidelines regarding employment of teacher-librarians in schools to ensure minimum staffing levels, with provision for providing expertise for small schools
2. Guidelines regarding the requirement for staff qualifications
3. Minimum resourcing financially for school libraries
4. Guidelines that clarify what teacher-librarians can be expected to do
5. Provision for funding professional development of teacher-librarians
6. Greater central support – resources, procedures, expertise etc to help all libraries implement best practise in the most efficient manner
7. More affordable teacher-librarian qualifications. Undergraduate t-l qualifications as Victoria used to do, so these could be HECS funded rather than up-front fees as post-graduate qualifications are. This would make some level of t-l qualifications cheaper, and provide a larger pool of teachers who have t-l majors, even if they’re not fully qualified t-ls.(Good for smaller /regional schools).
8. Payment for teachers who have advanced qualifications beyond the minimum 4 years for not only t-ls, but all teachers. Currently there is no financial advantage in post-graduate qualifications unless for promotion.
9. Government schools should advertise t-l jobs as gazetted positions, which would allow t-ls to target a specific school for transfer, rather than just ask for a region or district and take their chances as to where they get sent (often back to the classroom). This would help place qualified t-ls in regional/small schools rather than allow people currently within that school to simply put their hands up and say ‘I like books, so I’d like to run the library!’

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