The irony that success or failure can be but a space

12 Jun

1. Google grader – I got A+ for anneweaver and F for Anne Weaver, so take what you will…
2. Do teacher-librarians make a difference? Post to this wiki
3. Learning platforms, Steps to adoption
4. Co-operative Library instruction resources
5. Science and Maths Reading
Math fiction
Recommended Literature for Science and Maths
Book recommendations
Awards for non-fiction
Connecting Math and Children’s Literature
Connecting Science and Children’s Literature
Connecting Social Studies and Children’s Literature
Thematic book lists
Teaching blog, Open Wide, Look Inside, where pre-service teachers write about books for math, science and social studies
6. Library goes vertical
Amazing book trailers
7. Web 2.0 23 things
8. Web 2.0 Teaching literature
9. Information literacy – searching challenge
10. Library design
11. iPad Revisited: 5 Topics for Publishers to Consider Digital Book World
12. Customer service in libraries
13. Value of technology and IWBs for learning
14. First Steps to Digital Detox, multitasking

What do we want from the Inquiry – What are the key things? What should the focus be?
Slogan? A teacher-librarian in every school.

1.Guidelines regarding employment of teacher-librarians in schools to ensure minimum staffing levels, with provision for providing expertise for small schools
2.Guidelines regarding the requirement for staff qualifications
3.More affordable teacher-librarian qualifications
4.Minimum resourcing financially for school libraries
5.Guidelines that clarify what teacher-librarians can be expected to do
6.Provision for funding professional development of teacher-librarians
7.Greater central support – resources, procedures, expertise etc to help all libraries implement best practise in the most efficient manner

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