The future – Portable, Participatory and Personal

10 Jun

1. Can we say that our library, our content, and our services we offer are portable, participatory, and personal?
2. Another School library with a TARDIS- this one makes noises
3. Book blogger appreciation week – example of an entry. How to enter and what to do
4. Draw Faces Your Own Way
5. Learn as you go
6. Y education MUST change
7. Columbus library named Library of the Year
8. Science links
9. Summer reading program –bank
10. Flickr extras
11. 10 Ways to Use Google Books for Lifelong Learning and Research
12. The Difference between “Complicated” and “Complex” Matters
13. 1 in 5 Americans use dig tools
14. Gmail Makes Voice & Video Chat Easier
15. Teaching how to search for Creative Commons images and music
16. Hooked on technology?
17. Twitter to Change Links- They Won’t Count Against the 140 Character Limit
18. Hourly work vs. linchpin work
19. Winners of the Best Children’s Audiobooks Announced

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