Feeling “Xtranormal?”

06 Jun

1. Fun way to tell about Library services Motivation High School Xtranormal – turning text into movies How are books arranged in a Library or be more Xtra special with State
2. Some great elearning ideas
3. Review of sites for putting PowerPoint with animations in blog
4. Suffern High School’s PLP project page – good example eportfolio
5. 5 ways to get boys to read this summer. First step: expand your definition of reading
6. Five Reasons iPad Should Fear an Android Invasion from Buffy Hamilton
7. Don’t treat schools like fast food joints
8. ALA best youth titles nominations
9. Teaching Internet safety Internet safety links for parents
10. Resources for creating book trailers
11. Teaching resources and
12. Art and
13. How (and Why) to Stop Multitasking but can it be done?
14. Very Funny video about the Bronte sisters
15. Sister Margaret McBride and and
16. Bleeding Libraries – ironic video about closure of school libraries
17. Historypin
18. Media literacy wiki

Thanks to twitter, oztlnet and ozteachers for some links

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