Fractured Fairytales and PowerPoint

05 Jun

Click below to view a fun ICT project by my 12 year old daughter. Some of the font selections were lost in transferring to Slideboom to post here, but she has done a great job. There is sound, but you may need the volume on maximum. Also Slideboom volume is set halfway by default, so turn it to maximum. Slideboom is great in keeping most PowerPoint animations for blog posting, but there are some changes compared to the original.

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One response to “Fractured Fairytales and PowerPoint

  1. Therin of Andor

    June 5, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Looks good! Love the “Choose Your Own Adventure…” aspect.

    My Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 (NSW K-2) students have been writing digital stories for PowerPoint presentations all this term. Starting off as brainstormed storyboards in small groups, most of the stories have turned out to be parodies of existing fairy tales. Some have been uploaded to our blog site, with more to come as soon as parent permission slips come in. Some of the groups elected to use paper cut-outs, other groups used toys, but others used children as the “actors”, and we need parental permissions to upload any of the sets with recognizable faces.

    In previous units at this school, we had Kinders creating digital stories of fables:

    See my recent article, ‘Have blog, will storyboard!’ in “info@aslansw”, Issue #2, May 2010, pp 5-8. Also ‘Research columns 1, 2009: Kindergarten weaves a wiki: the learners tell their stories’ in “Scan” 28(1) February 2009, pp 30-37.

    Regards, Ian
    TL, Penrith PS


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