Are you in the “kno?”

05 Jun

1. Digital textbooks – you “kno?” and–learning-platform
2. Backchannel in Education – Nine Uses
3. TLs in crisis webinar
4. Holiday professional reading – “Hacking the Academy”
6. Jeopardy builder
7. Ipad review and usability failings
8. Funny clip about gaming addicts
9. Create Great-Looking Interactive Quizzes (in minutes) embed in any website or blog
10. Poetry Programming Success for tl
11. 100 Ways to Use VoiceThread
12. Lyn Hay’s contribution to inquiry
13. Roundup of Resources for Literacy and Reading June 2010
14. Mind Maps for the Rest of Us from Buffy Hamilton
15. Pew Report on Viewing and Creating Online Video
16. Play forensic scientist
17. Another ereader / computer – enTourage eDGe
18. The Value of Confusion
Why Change Is So Hard: Self-Control Is Exhaustible
Stop Reinventing Wheels

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