Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios

02 Jun

1. Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios Part 4
2. State Library of WA and
Safari books online and Tumblebooks- subscription, younger kids
The Razorkids – Storytelling adventure system –
National Library of Australia free downloads
3. Library of the future
4. The Unquiet Library Multimedia Annual Report 2009-10 especially
5. Linux
6. Feedback
7. Attention literacy early
8. New Media Literacies?
9. Apple, Digital Media,and Evolutions in Learning – The Xplanation:
10. Amazon Vs. Apple Be Damned: Pine For A Universal E-Book Format
11. Memorial Day 2010 column war Reinventing Memorial Day
12. 5 Steps to Increasing Teacher Technology Integration
13. The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People
14. Nervous Writing
15. The Secret Power of Time
16. Lote – Example Sentences
17. 21st Century Writing Experience
18. Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brains
19. The 4 Addictions That Destroy Your Dreams
20. individual knowledge in an Internet age Challenges to ed 2.0
21. School Architecture in the Context of 21st Century Skills audio
22. Pew on Reputation Management & Social Media
23. Lifelong role of libraries
24. Facebook just one Internet threat to privacy
25. The Heart of Innovation
26. Web 2.0 tools

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