Endangered Species – should teachers and school librarians be added to the list?

30 May

1. Things very bad for teachers in America “For the first time in 10 years, I cannot call myself a teacher” and for students “Another Debt Crisis Is Brewing, This One in Student Loans”
2. Endangered species
3. Putting the Web Inside the Printed Book
4. Barnes & Noble Launches iPad eReader App
5. Amazon to Introduce Thinner Kindle in August?
6. Middle School in Wisconsin to give students iPads instead of textbooks
7. Skype Video Coming to Android
8. “Is multitasking evil? Or are most of us illiterate?”
9. How to create an iphone website/app for your library on my blog –
10. “One Laptop Per Child Project Works With Marvell to Produce a $100 Tablet”
11. Chart suggestion poster
12. Reflection of Middle School Math Wiki- Video –
13. What does everyone else say? And what were the choices? Headmaster says eliminating books in library is working fine
14. Verizon iPhone would Rock the Smartphone World
15. TL shortages in the ACT made front page news on Friday morning!
16. Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers
17. BrainPOP & Activotes
18. Common Craft’s new video on Wikipedia

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