Best teacher blogs

28 May

1. 100 Best Blogs for the Classroom Teacher.
2. Library advocacy video competition video competition
3. A Student’s Perspective on Leadership
4. Dell Streak Tablet Official, Crippled by Android 1.6
5. Google Chrome OS Not Ready for Primetime
6. The model digital library branch
7. Publish your blog as a book, how blogs are disrupting the publishing industry
8. Adventures in Library Instruction podcast
9. 10 tips for using Gmail at work
10. youth care about their reputation
11. School lucnches
12. Digital footprint calculator
13. Reading ideas
14. Social Networking
15. 3D architecture design software available free to challenge Google’s Sketchup – ViewBuild Personal 3D background story
16. Keeping Up with New Web 2.0 Tools or
17. Book trailers by and for students
18. Cool Library site
19. How libraries can survive in the new media ecosystem
20. Information literacy – transparency is not enough
21. Google Moderator on YouTube Enables Real-Time Audience Feedback
22. iBookstore now allows individuals to submit ebooks etc
23. Best audiobooks for a family road trip
24. 50 Coolest Online Tools for Word Nerds
25. More young people own a mobile phone than a book

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