Media 21Report

27 May

1. Media 21,Buffy Hamilton
2. Google TV
3. One stop learning re Google
4. 10+ Ways to explore the digital revolution in books
5. Murder under the Microscope (online environmental game)
6. Tutorials for information literacy
7. 5 Innovative Websites that could reshape the news
8. Certified School Librarian
9. Maps and apps try to explain oil spill
10. How Kindle will compete with the iPad
11. Teacher travel
12. Reading 2010
13. Wiki to support teachers who are working to promote instructional technologies to enhance student learning
14. Teaching Parents Digital Citizenship w students presenting
15. Why I Switched from iPhone to Android
16. Summer reading lists
17. 2010 Moby Awards for book trailers
18. Ten Tips for Raising Readers
19. Bookemon: make yr own books online beta scroll down, they have private education environment
20. Ten Steps to Better Student Engagement- Edutopia
21. Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk, ‘Bring on the Learning Revolution’
22. Why Participatory Culture Is Not Web 2.0: Some Basic Distinctions:

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