It’s not the device that’s important, it’s about digital text!

23 May

1. It’s Not the Kindle, Stupid! It’s the Text
2. Open source Library software – liblime
3. What Educators Are Learning From Money Managers
4. Hard work and persistence beat smarts
5. School Libraries hearing date Brisbane: Venue to be confirmed Tuesday 6 July 2010, 10.00am – 3.00pm
6. Google’s music-streaming venture will change the gadget & entertainment worlds forever
7. Promote books and reading “The Tattered Pages”
8. Facebook Plans Overhaul of User Privacy Settings -BusinessWeek:
9. Has the iPhone lost its cool?
10. Lino it – Online stickies – bit like wallwisher
11. Google companion – apps –
12. Ipad – good data deals promised –
13. Facebook and transparency
14. EC Ning book club – reading ladder-which starts June 7th. Visit
15. iPad app allowing musicians to play their sheet music even if they unable to access Internet
16. istorytime – narrated book app
17. TwitCasting from iPhone
18. Play the Order in the Library game
19. Seesmic and Evernote bring social memory to iPhone or Android
20. Copyright and fair use

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