Good at talking vs. good at doing

22 May

1. “Good” thoughts bt Seth Godin
2. Facebook privacy scanner Facebook, Privacy, and You – LibGuides at Creekview High School:
3. Favourite blogs
4. Sal Khan at Gel 2010
5. 17 Websites You Should Bookmark To Download Free eBooks
6. A Vision for a School LIbrary (by Julie Lindsay)
7. Bookstore in the Cloud, Live By July
8. StoryTubes
9. Demo of iPad for ed
10. Moodle for Teachers:- An Illustrated Guide
11. Future of the Teen Library – Justin The Librarian
12. iPad usability testing report
13. Student Responsibility for Learning
14. Tl;dr
15. Publish your blog on kindle
16. 30 Places To Find Creative Commons Media
17. Gr8 Plagiarism presentation- Prezi
18. 2 free YA audiobook downloads/wk
19. Nachofoto – real-time image search engine with focus on trending topics and rising search terms
20. Will Skype eclipse fee-based videconferencing?
21. “Teach. Facebook. Now.”
22. Kid-friendly search posters for embedding
23. Getting Smart about Interactive Whiteboards
24. Supernatural Summer
25. Social Media, Participative Pedagogy, and Digital Literacies
26. Edistorm-Collaborative brainstorming tool
27. Prevalence, Perceived Barriers and Benefits of Open Source Software in K-12 Public Schools
28. The Future of the Textbook
29. The Way of the Dodo
30. 50 Best Blogs for Literacy Teachers- Bill Boyd
31. 5 Tips 2 Stay Positive When Everything’s Fallng Apart
32. Wi-Fi connectivity in iPad – lot of complaints
33. InDesign workshop

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