“Teens are using the library to hang out, socialize, and study.”

21 May

1. What most of us already knew – Library full, computer lab not-so-full
2. Test ebook version of “Tachy The Echidna” uses Flash book software – the book loads in separate window. Anyone reading the book cannot copy it or download it. They can print a page using the big buttons above the text. No sound or video, so far, but this could be done later.
3. NLA Treasure trove resources Online digital hoards thanks to Peter Macinnis
4. Digital participation in schools
5. Media converter convert quicktime into wmv format to use with moviemaker also convert mp3 into wav
6. Tips for applying for a library job
7. LibGuides as your Content Management Sys? -Ubiquitous Librarian (Brian Mathews)
8. The teaching role of Librarians
9. Who you gonna call
10. Cardiff University’s Handbook for Information Literacy
11. Software for managing print quotas
12. UNESCO on copyright
13. Naplan analysis McKinsey
14. Check Facebook settings Evolution of privacy on Facebook
15. EBooks, Bookselling, and Big Changes « ResourceShelf:
16. Google Docs Blog: New themes in Google forms:
17. Student panels–Technology and Privacy
18. Children of lesser-educated parents achieve higher levels of education with > 20 books in the home:
19. 5 Great Twitter Visualizer Tools:
20. Disaster unfolds in the Gulf of Mexico”

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