Ebook readers 4 PC – 1st there was Barnes & Noble, & Amazon kindle for PC – but Google Cometh…

17 May

1. Google cometh,googles-e-book-store-said-to-be-in-final-stages.aspx?eid=19&edate=20100505&eaddr=
Did you know reading on or using any device with a back-lit screen can interfere with the quality of sleep?
Ipad v kindle-
eBook Readers: A Market Comparison
Ipads for schools
B&N has a reader available for PCs
More here and
2. Adobe InDesign
3. China to Stop Spying on its People; Will Use Facebook Instead –irony!
4. Augmented Reality – Explained by Common Craft
5. What’s different about new Google Docs?
6. New Media Practices for the Classroom and Library from Buffy Hamilton
7. Low cost document camera
8. Internet safety resources for different grade levels k-12. Good videos.
9. It’s a mobile world, where do you fit?
10. Research about cyberbullying
11. Hansard transcripts of the School Libraries Inquiry
Library technician’s story – very concerning what is happening in many school Libraries, especially state schools
12. IWB Book update IWB ning
13. Library design- inspired by Kevin Hennah more kim cofino also notes also

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