Magic-turn netbook into e-reader or turn your ipad into a netbook

16 May

Save files as pdf and Adobe can read them to you though a bit robotic
Reading different formats
Free ereading from Adobe and Project Gutenberg to give you a free Library full of free books for your Netbook
Clamcase – not available for purchase – yet
Very geeky stuff

Using Amazon kindle for PC

1) With synching, parents should be able to pay and order the book on their PC and then synch the book to their child’s PC
2) This article is for those with a kindle who want to read on their PC- you get colour then
3) Kindle PC has been updated- can do annotations. Also, there is a gift card function which parents should be able to use to manage kids buying books – just give them a gift amount- should work like prepaid phone cards.
You do not have to have a credit card for a kindle account, according to their site – just a billing address so this idea of giving gift cards to kids should work
4) For hackers
5) Demo – Windows 7 and kindle for PC Very nifty- touch means keeping screens clean.
6) Step by step instructions

Anne Weaver May 16, 2010

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