“Feeling Busy and actually Delivering Value are two separate things.”

16 May

1. Why school librarians need to be goal setters
“And this is why I have become such a believer in setting goals for each day, each week, each month, each year. This is why I set expectations & deadlines with others, so I have to be accountable for delivering value, not just feeling busy.

This is why measurement is so important. How analytics, research and feedback determine whether the work was effective, not just if it was done.

With so many communication streams coming into our lives each day, it’s so easy to say “I replied to 40 customer queries.” But the harder question to answer is: what was the affect? What did you build?

Be sure that you don’t get caught up in the echo chamber of the web – that you build something unique and original – a body of work, not just a reaction.”
2. Making e-Books for e-Learning on i-Pads
Apple sets local iPad launch date and prices
Build your own custom ebooks on the web!
EBL provides ebooks to academic and research, government and corporate libraries- pay per view
Verizon- new e- reader
How larger font impacts on literacy
Large print and reading independence
Resources from edna on ebooks
3. Great Visual literacy presentation – TED Jesse Brown – bitstrips – also talks about writing Make your own comics
4. Kerrie Smith – 21st century skills
5. Reluctant readers books
6. “Awesome Ideas For Using Google Search Story Creator In The classroom”

7. Reading list for youth annotated
8. Facebook for youth – security 3 rules
9. Adobe 9 Reading aloud and
10. To Kill A Mockingbird To Kill A Mockingbird pdf summary not sure about these…
11. PowerPoint 2007 and general
12. Book trailers –lo fi-
Learning place
How to make a book trailer on prezi
Book trailer resources – free
Great presentations on powerpoint Concise instructions
13. Database locations
ERA Through State Library QLD
School Library examples of databases
Mt Alvernia
14. Very fun – Maths – Dan Meyer- “I teach high school math. I sell a product to a market that doesn’t want it, but is forced by law to buy it.”

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One response to ““Feeling Busy and actually Delivering Value are two separate things.”

  1. Kate DuBois

    May 16, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Well, you delivered value to me in the first link you posted about librarians needing to be goal setters. True for everyone. I know it but do I do it consistently? Making sure I end my day with the outcomes I achieved as opposed to the number of activities always creates more of what we want. Excellent tips, thank you.

    Here’s another tip: a great book on the 7 keys to work-life balance — Your Work, Your Life…Your Way by Julie Cohen. Key #3 is manage your day efficiently — ie. create value for yourself and your customers, clients, and family.


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