Creating Future Libraries

15 May

1. Creating Future Libraries seminar – this year on 18th October- probably State Library of QLD again – here is last year’s program Who are they? Some information here in the submission to the school libraries inquiry
2. Web 2.0 tools explored
3. Archive of e-books webinar Blog
4. Public policy forum – “Is this a revolution?: A critical analysis of the Rudd government’s
national education agenda” and Kevin Donnelly on the latest initiatives in national education
5. “Does access to books mitigate the effects of poverty on reading achievement? A third study
6. Cool graphic showing “The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook” click image to advance in years
7. How to do applied math in Excel 2010 –good for physics, economics etc- formatted equations
8. Using IWB to make sense of images
9. Preparation for stop motion animation
10. New world newspapers and
11. Funny – using google to get a job
12. The mystery of coasts of building Libraries
13. Social Media Parenting: Raising the Digital Generation:
14. Using laptops makes you a better writer even if you handwrite in a test
15. How writing improves reading student writing ideas.
16. Why phones are less “cheek friendly”
17. Time magazine – Real-Time news stream
18. TumbleBooks launches a consumer ebook store
19. Facebook: Facts You Probably Didn’t Know All Hallows’ School Alumni Facebook site!/group.php?gid=2349153987&v=info
20. New from Skype, video calling for up to five people
21. Smories! for iPhone too. Digital storytelling by real kids
22. Interesting article on micro magazines download free Fearless magazine

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