14 May

1.E-Reader Applications for Today, and Beyond –
Ipad review
An ebook about using mobile technologies
How to publish a children’s book
3.A Prescription for Healthier School Librarianship: Transforming Our Practice for the 21st Century
2.Critical Assets: Academic Libraries, a View from the Administration Building
4.Jeff Mao : 1 to 1 computing more and effect of netbooks on scores and
5.NY Times Machine
6.Teacher resources
7.Web 3.0 – Semantic Web:
8.Submissions to tl inquiry
9.Cool interactive etimelines
10.Virtual training web resources by subject encouraging critical thinking
11.Subjects – Maths biology Genes and genetic diseases She’s Game: women making Australian sporting history: World Legal Systems
12.Free online courses for computer geeks
13.Safe internet
14.Google Editions going live by July
15.The lowdown on audio downloads –
16.make your own self-grading mult. choice tests in Google docs
17.Earth science earthquakes stats/information literacy re validity
18.Future gazing November
19.Indigenous Australians theme page schools can use technology to change relationships with students.
21.Poetry for secondary
22.Book trailers update
25.PLN visual how to build a PLN

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