Tell me a story….

13 May

1.Oz Ipads – some comments from others- the iBookstore may not open here in Australia until late next year and if you want to use 3G on an iPad you will need to buy a special sim card through the 4 big telco’s. Possible, if you get a US email address you can use the US iBookstore. You can use Calibre to change the format

There has been not very much information on the use of ebooks in libraries. How they should be borrowed out etc, what are our copyright responsibilities, if like a book, only one user at a time – then how do we
know the user hasn’t made a copy somewhere?

I want to see the iBookstore first before I make any big decisions, also the iPad is sooo expensive and from prior experience, it is often better to get the next generation in any Apple product. That being said, if the Kindle was in colour, I would go with that. Also not counting out the Sony reader and would like to see what Creative will come up with. So still waiting for me…. “ Thanks to OZTLnet for this advice
2.Digital storytelling – Storymaker another one
3.Web evaluation COOOLL
4.Poetry resource
5.Shape Collage
6.Myths and legends
7.Librarians as learning specialists book with research
8.Web tools for education
9.A smarter book
10.Librarians are just like you
11.YALSA competencies for librarians serving youth
12.Facilitates scanning and skimming

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