What does a teacher-librarian do, how do they learn it and how much of the role is teacher specific?

09 May

1.Time and workload – the teacher part and the library manager part
2.What do courses for librarians or teacher-librarians reveal about the role?
Questions? How much of the role is learnt from qualifications – related study and how much from experience or professional learning? Do courses cover teaching reading promotion or information literacy programs?
In NSW, teachers (who meet criteria and apply) can become teacher-librarians with one year of part time study – NSW CSU Grad Cert in teacher-librarianship
3.What a teacher-librarian can do for you
4.Transliteracy School library as a dynamic agent of change
5.Student learning at Ohio School Libraries
6.Technology leadership
7.Can a librarian do the job? adhd librarian Future of libraries and powerpoint contains model of the school library
8.Humour – Return of the late Library book
9.TL inquiry
ABC (30 April 2010) “Teacher librarian numbers in ‘death spiral'”
The Sunday Age (2 May 2010, page 9) “Faithful few left to keep Dewey alive in a download world”
Media release from the Education Department: School Librarians (30 April 2010)
More links to media coverage on ALIA’s school library page
alia blog
Extended deadline resources role of librarians in schools
School-libraries now more than ever position paper
10.Leadership in 21st Century Learning: A Call to Libraries

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