08 May

1. Reviews of e-readers, ipad, kindle Ipad e-books and libraries Kindle 2.5 hands on: social networks, passwords, and more ebooks
2. Research Media 21 When beginning research, where to start?
3. Handy Library website and database presentation handy research worksheet – good website evaluation site
4. More kids search engines
5. Google search Google tools
6. Parents and literacy
7. TL site book week
8. Interactive tool teach shelving skills interactive web site that teaches shelving skills
9. Website evaluation lessons
10. Poster – cutting Libraries in a recession is like cutting hospitals in a plague
11. Library displays
12. Referencing clickview thanks to Jenni King – off-air broadcasts recorded via a digital video delivery system such as Clickview:

Title year of broadcast, Chapter no. (if relevant), Source, Place produced (if known), day/Month of broadcast, in Name of digital video delivery system.

Papal mass: World Youth Day 2008, Chapter 2, SBS, Sydney, 20 July, in ClickView.

To kill a mockingbird 2007, ABC, 8 April, in ClickView.

In-text citation: At the World Youth Day mass (2008) in Sydney, Pope Benedict XVI urged young people troubled by the state of the world to seek answers in faith.

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