Make It, Do It, Buy It

03 May

1. What is it? How to get it
2. Learning tables tricks for learning tables new book Finger calculator video Finger multiplication more
3. Inside teaching – new online magazine
4. Copyright for teachers – best to use only copyright free material
5. The book is dead, long live the book
6. Library blog
7. Latest TL news hub read some submissions inquiry
8. Teaching strategies for students with diverse learning needs
9. Tightening supervision by school officers in Vic
10. Using netbook as e-book free e-book wiki edna e-books forum ziptales storybird
11. Curriculum mapping A general definition from Wikipedia
Some examples from a US school the Atlas tool for curriculum mapping
12. Evaluating websites and
13. Poll everywhere
14. Tool for using mobile phones in the classroom dynamic bulletin board in front of your classroom that lets students and others from any location write on it by texting from their cell phones. The messages appear on the screen within seconds for viewing by the entire class
15. Explore music and sound
16. Using twitter in the classroom
17. Iboard
18. Podcast list- gpodder and
19. Convert html – pdf
20. Resources by subject
21. Friendly and educational dungeons and dragons
22. Mouse mischief – free tool for powerpoint, teachers to add multiple choice, yes/no, and drawing questions to their presentations. Students then use any computer mice (any device from the school will work) to answer these questions.
23. Top video aggregator
24. Multimedia online note taking tool. Students can capture screen images, make audio recordings for notes, or write text notes to accompany drawings. These different media can then be organized into videos!
25. Iwb
26. Teen reading site
27. Increase achievement – tools of the mind


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2 responses to “Make It, Do It, Buy It

  1. Ruth Buchanan

    May 3, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    These lists of yours are amazing. In my recent presentation on personal learning networks, I included just one of your lists to demonstrate how one blog entry can be a fabulous dose of professional learning. Thank you for being so generous with your time and thought.

    • anneweaver

      May 8, 2010 at 2:33 pm





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