Take off with google airways, and take flight with goggle (not a typo)

27 Apr

1. Google – google airways
google earth to google docs goggle and more goggle find your favorite TV episodes more easily
2. Video conferencing links
3. Web 2.0
• Web2pdf
• Twitter
• Why use Web 2.0 when teaching Science and Math
• A blogging journey
• Quickly create notes on a video Funny example
• Garage band
• Doodads
• Bibme –great bibliography tool that you can annotate – 5 min screenr video onhow to use does APA , MLA, Chicago and Turabian
• BlueMountains Flickr CC tool that allows you to automatically add acknowledgement to images and do some basic editing Australian invention by Peter Shanks made available to all
4. Free timesheet app
5. Internet safety resources
6. Good teachers help realize reading potential – stats and a link to writing too about the importance of self esteem Reading needs choice Teacher opinions
7. A Principal’s view of the future Tim Manger’s view of the future- an information vision
8. Grammar – a lot
9. Digital writing workshop 21st century Lightning bug- help in writing a story
10. Teaching tolerance

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