Danger, danger Will Robinson!

26 Apr

1. Click the videos on the left to listen to the “Lost in Space” robot for a bit of nostalgia – Are you lost in your library space? Here are dangerous things for librarians to say More danger – Ouch- cutting cartoon about teachers
2. The 3 tribes of your business
3. Learning skills
4. Reading culture
5. Transliteracy as a Blueberry Smoothie:
6. 40 Tools To Spice Up Your Twitter Background:
7. Power of the voter in the UK
8. Geography – Using google maps to share data Iceland volcano erupting video
9. Dr Seuss sign generator Signage motivates people
10. Google tools slideshare Polly Allida
11. Quote from Paul Fuller on performance pay for teachers: “Surely doctors aren’t graded on patient survival rates. Otherwise, many terminally ill people would never be treated.”
12. TL in crisis webinar resources
Buffy Hamilton pres
Chris Harris pres
From the backchannel-
How Would You ‘Sell’ Your School to Potential Students?
A Rant About Women my scribd notes as below

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