Kids just wanna’ have fun…

25 Apr

1. Teachers should have fun too! Play, Experimentation and Improvisation FNO – from Jamie McKenzie – fuglefun The Glue Blues – How it was made Interview More Very funny- shoes that make everyone the same height
2. Great TL testimony Sue Spence’s site- lots of library links and her submission to the Inquiry TL café crisis archive
3. Library design research
4. Information literacy pinnacle Virtual inquiry Information search process Rubric for an information literate school community
Note taking,0,4179352.story
5. Great school history idea
6. Web 2.0 tools
Mahara – open source e-portfolio
Make magazines from flickr using Magcloud
What I learned from youtube Lock down Facebook
More facebook concerns
Facebook less privacy
Google templates
Google docs sites – library examples
Using for Library promotion of Carnegie shortlist
How twitter has benefited PL
Secrets of twitter hashtags
Metadata, Tagging and Twitterhashtags
How to bookmark twitter links
Podcasting for librarians
Youtube- create your own search stories
Facebook integrates with office
Automatically send urls from twitter to delicious
7. More video conferencing
8. Evidence for how writing can improve reading
9. Digital Edition: E-Learning 2010 More digital literacy across the curriculum from Judy O’Connell Internet@Schools conference 31 days to become a better ed tech leader
10. Shakespeare How to talk like Shakespeare and Macbeth
11. Nice iPAd story iPads and gaming – nice take on pricing iPad V kindle- revelation Citing a kindle
12. The Power of Now The State of Now
13. Future – Computers in libraries Libraries and transliteracies More transliteracy
14. Subjects –
History- teaching WWII
English – Playing with poetry using “Black book of colours” Making poetry come alive and and
Poems in your pocket
Science – everyday mysteries
Art – voting
15. Software alternatives
16. Biggest killer in the world – unsafe drinking water
17. Who judges your work
18. Kids publishing –gifted and talented
19. Social media and education
Thinkers Welcome: New Resources on Participatory Culture & Learning
Using social media to explain social media to school leadership Wiki
20. Teen communication statistics Impact of the internet statistics

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