Video conferencing –DIY TV – everyone’s a star!

24 Apr

1. Web conferencing Posting this again- great idea – video conferencing activity – love it -see video gallery top left newsletter Tenafly Media Centre Exciting stuff How do they do this? In Australia and
Article in Scan “Powerful connections: videoconferencing in the connected classroom” by Birgit Smith, Mudgee High School
Bridgit software

2. Volcanoes and health
3. iPad
4. Research skills Thesis development Good ol’ Springfield Readwritethink ITT Research method
5. Book lists
6. Forvo- largest pronunciation guide in the world Help others
by recording your pronunciations in your own language
7. Writing e-books with students more Also see Scan Vol 29, No 1 Feb 2010 “Let’s write an e-book” by Sharon McGuiness and Jane Pretty
8. Librarian blog
9. Information Literacy song and video “It Changed the Way I do Research – Period: Augustana Talks Information Literacy”
10. Book lists

Interesting quote”

Knowledge Management in Secondary Schools and the Role of the School Librarian by Helen Boelens
At the beginning of the 21st century, educators are confronted with new visions, theories and aims of education in a changing environment. In these “new kinds of learning,” concepts such as individual learning, cooperative learning, e-learning and lifelong learning have become very important. New visions of learning suggest that pupils can learn to manage or control the progress of their own acquisition of knowledge. The introduction of ICT within the schools has also contributed to these new visions and has caused enormous changes within the schools themselves. The role of the school librarian and the goals of the school library within the school have also altered. The school librarian needs to retain the ability to run and maintain the important, traditional role of the school library, but must also act as an information specialist who coordinates the management of information and knowledge within the school and accesses information and knowledge from outside the school. The school librarian, as the new school information specialist, may need re-training in knowledge management. Strong school management, strong infrastructure, and good communication within the school also are essential to the knowledge management process. The content of this paper is part of the writer’s PhD research at the Middlesex University, School of Lifelong Learning and Education in London, UK.

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