Hot or not!!!

20 Apr

1. Your thesis – hot or not I am fairly hot, at least for one day, according to this site which has hundreds of librarian blog sites – just don’t ask my teenage daughters proof
2. Love Dr Loopy
3. Subject sites- Science Digitizing the writing workshop Sustainability year 8 and resources at Reading wiki
4. Tools- back up your ning – more ning transition resources You can draw in Google Docs. Woohoo! PC tutorials Kids search engine Reduce irrelevant results in google Semantics Searching
5. IWB resources
6. The Storytelling Power of Photography
7. Time- When are tweeps sleeping Time zones
8. Investigating disasters with Web 2.0 tools Visual impact of volcano Shambles volcanos
9. Vicarious Learning: Developing Cultural Literacy Through Global Collaboration

Tip- Word Count under Tools in Google Docs gives Flesch-Kincaid readability measures

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