ITSCa bit amazing what technology is doing to education

19 Apr

1. ITSC 2010 (Innovative Technology in Schools Conference run by Apple – Gold Coast) – google earth Betcher/Betcha Paul Fuller – the power of one to one Paul Fuller
2. Cloud culture
3. Tools – Web 3.0 Search engine Iphone app allows autistic and others to speak Ning alternative educational games
4. 21st Century learning – Collective intelligence lessons New technologies for education Transforming learning Transmedia generation An Open Mind: Higher Education Reimagined With Online Courseware great alternative to wordle
5. Kindle for the classroom Ipads for younger kids and discussion
6. Subject sites – 20 most popular Science websites Art Spectacular images from the Iceland volcano
7. Onguard- internet safety
8. Participatory museums
9. Library statistics- why circulation should not be the only goal
10. Art – Really cool video clip from freezelight and more using interactive whiteboards for art

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