3Rs * 7Cs = 21st Century Learning

17 Apr

Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic
Critical thinking and Problem solving, Creativity and innovation, Collaboration, Teamwork & Leadership, Cross-cultural Understanding, Communication & Media Literacy, Computing & ICT Literacy, Career & Learning Self-reliance

1. Excellent archive of Webinar on 21st Century learning and reading from April 15- watch now
Slides – large file 16 mb
“Literacy is vital, but literacy is not the finish line. Literature is not just in the business of “See Jane Run.” Literature is in the business of helping us to imagine ourselves and others more complexly, of connecting us to the ancient conversation about how to live as a person in a world full of other people.” Source:

SARS inquiry
Reading ladders
Eastern Reading Program
How To Write A Reader’s Annotation:
Photopeach for slideshows
Organise bookmarks visually
New apps
What should students read?

Suggested YA & Children’s Book Blogs
Reading Rants!
A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy*
Guys Lit Wire
YALSA’s booklists & awards
Professor Nana*
A Fuse #8 Production
Planet Esme
ALSC Notables
Diamond Bookshelf

2. Tech books – Professional learning
3. Evidence based practice
4. Kids search engines
Commoncraft video (play on words “too wordy”) searches based on the lexical density of the website and the idea that sites with less words are easier for primary kids to read. Search results are colour coded for readability and labelled with word count.
Studysearch has a primary school search option
How students search so the “let me google that for you” search engine may help kids
Searching tools for kids (check the other kids’ options on the left menu as well)
A good approach for kids is to teach them to use google more effectively, seeing they will often go there first anyway – see Scroll to March 2 for some ideas about new google features. search code for embedding infotopia is in top right corner
5. Social networking-seven deadliest hacks
6. 2010 Horizon report
7. Infectious diseases fun
8. Webinar – Response To Intervention- Making it Work RTI powerpoint
9. Freeze ‘n Read Read Kiddo Read Blog
10. You can’t get better quality education by testing Reconsidering America’s School System” – Podcast – Diane Ravitch

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