Shhh! It’s a secret!!!

16 Apr

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The problem with the deficit model of teacher-librarianship Friday ruminations…

There seems to be a model used by some teacher-librarians, as a basis for operation, that the role is to support teachers who “need” help. The basis of this philosophy is that teachers cannot find websites, cannot find resources, and cannot do literature promotion. However, if we consider that some teachers can actually do some or all of these things, and many are learning to do these things, then this logic would mean the teacher-librarian role becomes irrelevant, once teachers can do these things themselves.

While this is a component of the role and a way of establishing connections with staff, is it really the essence of the role?

I believe that the teacher-librarian role should be one of specialist knowledge and skills, and value-adding. It should be about expertise in new searching techniques and new books to hook our communities; it should be about exploring the best pedagogies for effective information literacy and reading promotion. This means it is critical that teacher-librarians constantly advance their professional learning – a qualification is just the beginning of the learning required for this role.

With this approach, the role is not just reactive, waiting for opportunities to intervene. Of course, this will happen some of the time. With this model, the teacher-librarian is proactive and subversive. They are learning leaders who are au fait with new tools for maximizing learning outcomes and engaging students in learning.

They have a plan and a mission about what students need to know and to be able to learn in the 21st century. They have a vision, an action plan, and an implementation strategy that underpins how they use their time and resources. This learning plan both reflects and influences the imperatives of the particular school and their teaching partners. So this means the teacher-librarian will not have “unlimited” time for “dependent” teachers, because are focusing on their library’s planned priorities. This shifts the balance from supporting the least able to joining the most able.

This approach is not mainly about “helping,” it is about leading learning in information literacy and trans-literacy with teachers and students. This view of the teaching partnership is not about having an “assistant” in the Library to help find things or help do things, it is about professionals working together to maximize learning outcomes.

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