Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

10 Apr

1. No, the internet does not mean we no longer need teacher-librarians – see the comments, as well as the following article, that discusses how some Principals think the internet makes school libraries and library staff redundant (have they used the internet for research?) – and yes we have some bad teacher-librarians, as well as bad Principals, bad English teachers, bad Maths teachers, etc- but that does not mean it is a good idea to sack ALL – teacher-librarians, Principals, Maths teachers, English teachers, politicians, lawyers, bankers, stock analysts etc (except in some schools of the USA at the moment, apparently, where sacking all teachers is actually happening. (School sacks all teachers )
Keep an eye out for the archives for this show that aired last night and discussed Principals and tls
Why Principals should support school libraries
Principal’s perceptions of school librarians
Again- why kids need librarians, not just google
Inquiry – useful research about Australian school libraries
My final submission
2. Gaming in the classroom
3. Importance of picture books
4. 50 Free Collaboration Tools That Are Awesome for Education
5. Geolocation
6. Learn to pronounce names correctly
7. Find teacher librarians to follow on twitter
8. Ipad review
9. Handout – animoto book trailers
10. Fingers for multiplication

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