“Feral [chicken] of the internet”

09 Apr

The title should say “children” not “chicken.” However, in my skim reading frenzy, I misread it as chicken and quite liked this version. Consider the mental image of feral chickens clucking around madly in the World Wide Net, while being stalked by the Web 2.0 wolves – a rather “grim” fairytale? Thus, the links below on how people read online may be of interest.

Both the following quotes come from an excellent article from Mike Moran “

Without a dedicated guide, [students] end up as “feral children of the Internet raised by the Web 2.0 wolves.” (Professor Henry Jenkins)

“In a recent study of fifth grade students in the Netherlands, most never questioned the credibility of a Web site, even though they had just completed a course on information literacy. When my company asked 300 school students how they searched, nearly half answered: “I type a question.” When we asked how students knew if a site was credible, the most common answers were “if it sounds good” or “if it has the information I need.” Equally dismal was their widespread failure to check a source’s date, author or citations.”

1. Reading online
2. Buffy Hamilton presentation – “Pivot Points for Change: Connecting the Dots of Information literacy with social media”
3. 2010 Anzac resources
4. Tools – Great free stop motion software-Monkeyjam Bring conversation to your domain Fotobabble Find the time
5. School doing great elearning – see video & learning spaces
6. Ology – creative science site –
7. Edible book tea
8. Support libraries Grimness for teachers and tls in California Working to save American libraries
9. Mentoring Teacher librarians and
10. Great article – Joyce Valenza on creating an online library presence

TL Virtual café- archive of session about online presences for school libraries 1hr

Some links from this presentation- see transcript for more has transcript
View presentation
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