You fool!

03 Apr

1. April Fools Day – Can you spot the hoax?,5961,1449501,00.html April Fools Jokes for 2010
2. Google news – google takes public data including the OECD Factbook, World Bank statistics, US Census data, and Eurostat tables. You specify a data range, and Google will generate a line chart, bar chart, map or bubble chart Hint – on the google search results page, select the “+ Show options” link at the top. This expands to show you a wide range of filtering tools. One that is worth looking at lets you see only those sites you’ve recently visited, or just the sites you haven’t clicked through yet. (“Visited pages” and “Not yet visited”) If you have been trying a number of search strategies and feel like you are running in circles, clicking the “Not yet visited” option may help you find what you are looking for –
3. Databases – exclusivity – who will be able to pay?
4. Book series
5. Future gazing – Library of the future Not reading? Could Written Language Be Rendered Obsolete, and What Should We Demand In Return?
6. Library display idea
7. Photos help write poems
8. Link for Inquiry, plus other tl resources Save Libraries twibbon rbl online
9. Better than wordle? links keywords to google search
10. Who do you blame? Web design Open leadership More sxsw presentations

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